Our mission

From the start of our journey developing IMMUNIS, we focused on efficiency, productivity and end-user cost...

…in order to create a family of innovative products that can fulfill the gaps and needs of today’s cyber defence as well as the inevitable increase in data volume and speed, while maintaining performance integrity at a fraction of added cost. We set the bar high.

Our team of cyber security experts did not embark on re-inventing the wheel. Rather, they centered their efforts on developing a superior cyber defence architecture based on existing technologies, enhancing each feature to its limit.

During the following phases of development, many highly innovative and unique features were complemented to the core architecture, with a new set of intelligent capabilities for CTI and SIEM, which comprehensively differentiates IMMUNIS from others in the cyber security arena.


Next Generation Cyber Defence Platform

Immunis is the Next Generation of Cyber Defence. As the first line of defence, the platform is true invisible when deployed, and scalable to any size network with our selection of robust hardware cores. The solution is a multi-layered approach comprising of innovative features for on-premise deployments.


No matter the industry or size of your organisation, there is a persistent increase in cyber threats, all networks are increasingly at risk.

Are your critical assets protected?

About 70% of IoT devices have been found to be vulnerable.
43% of cyber attacks are targeted at small businesses.
Cybercrimes cost organizations $13 million per year.
Nearly half of utility CEOs think a cyber attack is inevitable.
9 in 10 critical infrastructure providers have experienced cyber attacks crippling their systems.

The Latest

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Do you want to take the first step to secure your network, enhance your current cyber defence platform or looking for a partnership with us?